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The Meaning of Yoga: You are Not Alone on Your Mat

The word “yoga” comes from a sanskrit word meaning to yoke, bind, or find union. In my group classes I focus primarily on union of body and mind. Practicing yoga strengthens you, challenges your mental endurance, and improves your mind-body … Continue reading

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More than Appetite: In Line for the Hunger Games

I originally wrote this post after the first Hunger Games movie, but since Catching Fire is still fresh in my mind, I came back to this and decided to share it here on my new blog. When the first Hunger … Continue reading

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What Does “Fitness” Mean?

I teach fitness classes. I think fitness is awesome. As an active participant in the fitness world I hear a lot of phrases like this: get in shape, pump some iron, work on our core, build lean muscle, and get … Continue reading

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You Need Yoga

Really, everyone needs yoga. And also, everyone can do yoga. That’s the beauty of it. It’s accessible to someone in a wheelchair, and it’s challenging for the most elite athlete. If you are somewhere in between, and you just want … Continue reading

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