Full Time Yoga!

Private Yoga Lessons

I am now teaching more yoga and had to drop my job at Whole Foods, so that I could open up even more time for teaching yoga. I am taking new private yoga clients or personal training clients. My yoga teaching is very influenced by my Crossfit training. I am interested in helping you find stable positions and teaching functional movement. I care about finding full range of motion, but not about extreme flexibility. I want to bring mindfulness to your movement patterns so that you begin to bring yoga into the way you stand up, sit down, walk, and pick up your cat.

Let me know if you would like to train with me! I am also looking to add about three more group yoga classes to my schedule per week, so if you are a studio owner needing a teacher, let me know.

Upcoming Workshops:

Let Your Feet Take Flight– July 30th – Inversion workshop at Be Love Jenks

Anti-Gravity Yoga – August 20th – Inversion workshop at Tulsa YogaQuest

I love teaching headstand & handstand and anything upside down! I’ve taught quite a few inversion workshops and seen many students safely perform inversions for the first time. I keep learning more from acro yoga teachers and my Crossfit gymnastics certification, so I’m excited to share with you.

About Lindsay Morgan

I am a certified yoga instructor in Bartlesville, OK.
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